DUI Attorney Marketing

Lease our 1st Page Ranked Website for “Glendale DUI Attorney”. 
If it drops off the first page, its FREE!

Glendale DUI AttorneyIf your webpage is not on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search, then you may as well not exist!  People will not find you unless they are searching for you specifically, and if that is the case, then they  probably are already your client.  BUT, you need NEW CLIENTS!

IF your page is one of the 10 webpages on the first page, that’s great!  How about getting another first page spot?  Get more calls!  Keep out your competition!

If you are fighting DUI cases in L.A. County this should interest you!!  Our website,


Currently ranks on the first page of Yahoo! for the following keywords:
Glendale DUI Attorney

Don’t take our word for it!  GOTO Yahoo and search “Glendale DUI Attorney”  our site should be 4th or 5th!

If you are advertising on the internet, pay per click, you may know that the search “Glendale DUI Attorney” is costing between $18 and $35 per click!   Here is your chance to lease our site for a flat fee!

FOR ONLY $400 Month!  We will Re-brand this fully developed DUI site for your practice, forward the calls, forward the info requests, continue to blog, and maintain the site!  IF the site drops from the first page, you PAY NOTHING.  When the site reaches the first page of Google, your monthly fee will go up.  After all, Google has 70% of the search traffic.  Remember, you only pay when the site is on the first page!

PS:  If you practice LAW in another city, call me.  We will build a fully developed legal site for FREE!

Lease our site before your competitor does!



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