Google First Page Ranked Attorney Sites | Pay for Performance


If a potential client can’t find your website on the first page of a Google search, your firm’s site is basically invisible.  In today’s competitive environment, a Google first page ranking can mean the difference between “boom or bust”.

Some SEO companies promise you first page rankings, but at what cost or guarantee?  Even worse, what will you do if they use black-hat techniques and Google decides to “ban” your site?

A better alternative is to lease a site that is already on the first page of Google searches.  You only pay a fee when the site appears on the first page consistently.  And you never have to worry about black-listing your own site.

At Quantum Marketing Group, we have several fully developed DUI Attorney sites ready to be reserved. These sites rank on or close to, the first page of Google for several cities in Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties.  Phone calls and inquires can be forward to wherever you choose, and you never have to worry about upsetting Google’s complicated algorithms.
Remember, if the site doesn’t rank on the first page, you don’t pay.  We truly believe in “pay for performance”.


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