Riverside SEO Expert for hire

riverside SEO ExpertIf your website is not on the first page of a Google search for your services, your website is virtually invisible!  This is especially true for local searches.  If you are a plumber is Riverside, you website needs to rank on Google’s first page for searches like: “Riverside Plumber”, Plumber in Riverside”, “Emergency Plumber Riverside”, etc ….

This is what the “industry” calls Local SEO.  Local SEO is what we do!  In fact, Google, “SEO expert in Riverside” and you will find us at the top of the first page!

Here are some facts that I would like to share with you. Did you know that 94% of all the traffic for any given keyword never leaves page 1? The second page of Google only gets about 6% of all the traffic for a keyword. That’s really crazy when you think about it. So if a keyword gets 1,000 searches per month then only 60 people ever see the page 2 results. On the same note the #1 position takes almost 35% of the traffic for any keyword. So if you are in the honored #1 spot then you can expect about 350 visits over the month for that same keyword. We even take it further for our clients. Imagine if you had the #1, #2, and the #6 spot for one keyword you can now see how you are eating up all the traffic over your competitors.

Now you understand why being on page 2 of Google is hurting your business. If you are not in the top 3 you are losing money and new customers. You have to remember that someone else is taking that business from you and you need to fight back.

We just don’t take your money and hope to deliver results we actually follow through and dominate. The majority of my clients have multiple page 1 Google rankings for keywords that actually make them money.

If you are serious about getting new customers and growing your business contact me below.

Sounds Interesting? Lets Talk about your campaign!





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