You need content for your legal site! Get a free Blog!

content-marketingYou already know that you need to rank your site well on Google to get more clients.  One sure way to keep Google “interested” in ranking your site is to write a blog.  Blogs = new content, and Google loves websites with new content.  In fact, most SEO Experts would say that “Content is King”!

The bottom line, you need to write some blogs.  You need to write blogs consistently, blogs that are keyword rich, draw traffic from Google, and are well written. You have plenty of time to that don’t you?

To illustrate how important blogging is,  consider this number.  Hubspot did a study and they found that business that write 15 blogs per month generate 5X more traffic!  You can verify the study here (skip to page 26).

We all know you don’t have the time to write 15 blogs per month.  That is where we come in.  We specialize in writing Legal Blogs that are optimized for getting search traffic.  Our blogs will keep Google happy with providing your website with new content, and your site will get more traffic, and more leads!

Special Offer:  The next 5 attorneys that contact us will get a FREE blog to add to their website!  No strings attached!   We are doing this to introduce our blog writing service.  Contact us ASAP.   The blogs will be written as described below in our Blog Writing Service, except they will be FREE of charge!


Legal Blog Writing Services

How It Works:

1)  You send us an email or give us a call to let us know about your practice areas and targeted locations.  You can provide as much or as little guidance as desired.Our writers are able to find topics on our own (i.e. “We need a Florida bankruptcy blog posts”) OR we can write on very specific requests (i.e. “Summarize this new Florida Supreme Court case, explaining how it changes old legal rules.”).2) We can produce the content and manually add it to your firm blog with appropriate links, tags, categories, and formatting .  It’s a completely hands-off process, with you providing only as much oversight as you want.

3)   Alternatively, we can provide the content to you in any convenient manner (i.e. Word document via email).

That’s it.  Simple.


All posts are 450-600 words (the ideal length for SEO purposes).  We are open to discussing fees for any unique project, but our general rates are as follows;1) 1 post/week – $40 per post
3) 3 posts/week  – $35 per post4) 5 posts/week  – $33 per post5) 7 posts/week  – $30 per post

* We are happy to produce any manner of legal content in different formats and lengths, including white papers, extended articles, and even books.  Most material is billed at $38/500 words.  Please contact us for more specific rates.


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