DUI Attorneys: Lease 888-DUI-HOTLine in your market

breathalyzerQ: If a potential DUI client needed to call you, would they know your number?

What if your number is 888-DUI-HOTLine?  How many more referrals, or other leads would you get?  According to the American Marketing Association Vanity numbers like 888-DUI-HOTLine get as many as 28% more leads!

 In the coming weeks we are looking for 888-DUI-HOTLine affiliate attorneys with protected territories!
1-888-DUI-HOTLine provides you:

  1. the most memorable, convenient, and available phone number in DUI Law;
  2. supercharged returns on all DUI law advertising investments;
  3. Live operator answers and routes each call 24/7;
  4. an exclusive calling area – you are 1-888-DUI-HOTLine in your market;
  5. complete control over your own campaign – no advertising minimums;
  6. Affordable!       Territories start at $175/mth
  7. MORE … visit www.DUIHOTLINE.org



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