Free Video Blog Production for DUI Attorneys

Video blogs are very important if you want to new clients to find you online.  The truth is, people would rather watch a video than read a blog.  Here are 5 more reasons you should produce video blogs:

  1. To Promote Your Business: video blogs posted to YouTube get indexed and rankled by Google. These videos get seen by your potential clients. These potential clients retain you.
  2. To help rank your website: you need to have a website that can be found by potential clients online. Your website(s) must be ranked and on the first page of Google! Video blogs on your website linked from YouTube offer your site a strong back-link. Back-links from a reputable site with good content are a proven strategy to get your website ranked by Google.
  3. To establish yourself as an expert: When you become known for a certain topic, you could get picked up by the search engines, and people who are looking for expertise in that area will eventually reach out to you.
  4. Build Rapport & Engagement: your video blog can “warm-up” cold leads that find you online. These people will be much more likely to retain your services if they see that you are professional and the expert in your field.
  5. Differentiate your DUI practice: how many DUI Attorneys video blog? In fact, how many actually blog? Stand out from your peers and be more successful!

By the way, I haven’t forgotten that the title of this blog is “Free Video Blog Production for DU Attorneys”.  It is correct.  We produce video blogs every month with content that is valuable to a potential DUI client.  And we produce these for free, for anyone to use, promote, and re-post online.  There is a catch.  These videos are only valuable to you if you are a DUI defense attorney looking for new clients, and if your telephone number is 888-DUI-HOTLine.   If you are a DUI Attorney, your telephone should be 888-DUI-HOTLine!  Why not contact us and see if your area code is available for you to use 888-DUI-HOTLine as your law firm’s telephone number.

Here is an example of the quality video blogs we produce for DUI Hotline licensees.

banner 2 for dui hotline



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