Free Facebook Management for your Law Firm

facebook for attorneysHow to get Free Facebook Management for your Law Firm

With over a billion active users each month on Facebook, you may have heard that you and/or your law firm should consider getting on the social network bus.  “I don’t get it!” you might be saying. “How does posting silly pictures and telling people what I ate for lunch help grow my business? Besides, my time is already maxed out.”
Well, if you join 888-DUI-HOTLine, (like your colleagues in 10 other States) we will take care of Facebook for you. Yes, we manage Facebook for FREE.  Take a look at some of our work. This is the Facebook page for our California Dui Attorneys, which has almost 10,000 likes:
This is the Facebook page for our Ohio DUI Attorneys, which is only 3 weeks old, and already has 4,000+ likes!
There is a small catch to having free Facebook management for your DUI law firm, namely that you need to have 888-DUI-HOTLine as your firm telephone number. And if you think about it, “Why wouldn’t you want 888-DUI-HOTline as your law firm’s phone number?”

By the way it is easy to license 888-DUI-HOTline for your use:

  • Each area code is exclusive, so if your area code isn’t already reserved, you can reserve it.
  • You sign an agreement laying out the terms of service – which by the way, allow you to cancel at any time.
  • You pay $375 per month per area code, which again, you can cancel anytime.

Here are 6 benefits of licensing 888-DUI-HOTLine:

    1. Exclusive areas
    2. No commitments
    3. Free business Card
    4. We produce 2 video blogs per month for you to repost on your web pages/ blogs like these:

–this benefit alone is worth the monthly fee!

  1. We manage highly successful and engaging Facebook pages for each state that we have a licensee
  2. Listing on

banner 2 for dui hotline





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