DUI Attorney Reviews and Google “Auto Suggest”

We have all searched on Google and probably noticed the “suggestions” Google thinks you are looking for.  Well, about 4 weeks ago I noticed that in about 60% of Google searches for “DUI Attorney”, Google would recommend “DUI Attorney Reviews”.

auto suggest

We can all agree that being ranked on the first page for “DUI Attorney” is the Holy Grail for DUI Attorney marketers.  And if you can’t rank on the first page, you can certainly pay big bucks to have a Pay-Per-Click ad.  But what if we rank for one of these auto-suggest terms?

So about 4 weeks ago I launched http://www.duiattorneyreview.com with the intention of ranking for DUI Attorney Reviews and siphoning some of those eye balls looking for DUI Attorneys/Reviews.  Success!  Today we made Google’s first page!

attorney reviews

I will keep everyone updated as to the traffic impact and overall goal of increasing calls to 888-DUI-HOTLine


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