DUI Attorney Reviews and Google “Auto Suggest”

We have all searched on Google and probably noticed the “suggestions” Google thinks you are looking for.  Well, about 4 weeks ago I noticed that in about 60% of Google searches for “DUI Attorney”, Google would recommend “DUI Attorney Reviews”.

auto suggest

We can all agree that being ranked on the first page for “DUI Attorney” is the Holy Grail for DUI Attorney marketers.  And if you can’t rank on the first page, you can certainly pay big bucks to have a Pay-Per-Click ad.  But what if we rank for one of these auto-suggest terms?

So about 4 weeks ago I launched http://www.duiattorneyreview.com with the intention of ranking for DUI Attorney Reviews and siphoning some of those eye balls looking for DUI Attorneys/Reviews.  Success!  Today we made Google’s first page!

attorney reviews

I will keep everyone updated as to the traffic impact and overall goal of increasing calls to 888-DUI-HOTLine


Free Facebook Management for your Law Firm

facebook for attorneysHow to get Free Facebook Management for your Law Firm

With over a billion active users each month on Facebook, you may have heard that you and/or your law firm should consider getting on the social network bus.  “I don’t get it!” you might be saying. “How does posting silly pictures and telling people what I ate for lunch help grow my business? Besides, my time is already maxed out.”
Well, if you join 888-DUI-HOTLine, (like your colleagues in 10 other States) we will take care of Facebook for you. Yes, we manage Facebook for FREE.  Take a look at some of our work. This is the Facebook page for our California Dui Attorneys, which has almost 10,000 likes: https://www.facebook.com/888duihotLine Continue reading

We are going to our first DUI Seminar!

dui roll upLook for our sign at the “Rules of the Road” DUI Seminar.

We can’t wait until November 1st!  This will be our first DUI seminar and we are looking forward towards meeting all of you in person.  Be sure to come by our booth, because we will be giving away something very special!

Imagine how many more people will remember your phone number if it was 888-DUI-HOTLine? Continue reading

Free leads for DUI Attorneys in Riverside County

leads for dui attorneysATTN: Riverside County DUI Attorneys!

I am looking to lease a website that is Google ready and ranked on the first page for “RIVERSIDE DUI ATTORNEY“.     This is a fully developed DUI Attorney website that I will continue to maintain and KEEP RANKED on the first page of Google … you just agree to take the calls and emails.  The BEST part … you can try it for FREE!

You can find the site by going to Google and search for RIVERSIDE DUI ATTORNEY.   At about the middle of the page you find www.888DUIhotline.com

You need to be “found” when your clients search online, we take can care of it!

Apply for a FREE 2 week trial!

Attorney SEO and DUI Attorney websites for lease

SEO for Law FirmsAttn: DUI Attorneys

When a potential client searches for help on the internet, your website needs to be on the FIRST page of the search!

This is what we do!

We build websites for Attorneys that rank on the FISRT page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for search terms that matter to your business.


Currently we have fully developed websites for DUI Attorneys that rank on the first page in the following markets/keywords:


Keywords Website Current RankGoogle Current RankYahoo/Bing
Riverside DUI Attorney 888DUIhotline.com 1st Page 1st Page
Orange County DUI Attorney 888DUIhotline.com 20+ 1st Page
Glendale DUI Attorney GlendaleDUIAttorney.info 40+ 1st Page
Riverside DUI Attorney RiversideDUIAttorney.info 25 1st Page

If you practice DUI Law in the markets above you can LEASE our sites! All calls and leads can be forward wherever you’d like.

EXCLUSIVE Guarantee: We believe in receiving payment for performance. If any of our sites drop below the first page, then you will NOT be billed.

Contact us today for more info!


Google 1st Page Ranked Attorney Site for Lease

If you use Google pay-per-click to advertise your DUI Law Practice you know how expensive each “click”can be.  Well, if you are an attorney in Riverside you are going to be very interested in this website.

One of our fully developed DUI Law sites ranks on Google’s first page for the search term “RIVERSIDE DUI ATTORNEY”.

If you practice DUI Law in Riverside, and YOUR website is NOT ranked on the first page of Google, you should consider leasing this site.  Even if you are on the first page, lease this site and DOUBLE your traffic!

Contact us now to reserve this fully developed DUI law website!


If you practice law in another city, contact us as well.  We may have a website about to rank in your city!

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