Everything You Need to Know About Licensing 888-DUI-HOTLine for your DUI Law Practice

WebWe created the following presentation to show DUI Attorneys the benefits of of using 888-DUI-HOTLine as the law firm’s main telephone number.

More than just a “pretty” number, The DUI Hotline offers many additional benefits beyond just being an easy-to remember marketing goldmine for DUI Attorneys!

Click this link to see the presentation >>>     888 DUI Hotline License

DUI Attorneys: Build your DUI practice for only $199 per month


DUI Attorneys: For only $199 per month, Build your practice with 1-888-DUI-HOTLine … a number your clients will always remember.

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We have DUI Attorneys in Southern California using 888-DUI-HOTLine and now we are going National!  We are building a national brand and we need attorney affiliates from across the country to join us Act now and enjoy a protected area code (ANY AREA CODE not already reserved) for only $199/month!  This rate is for a limited time only, but join us now and your rate is guaranteed for 5 years.


Studies show that Vanity numbers deliver more traffic than ordinary numbers. Maximize your return on advertising with 888-DUI-HOTLine, number proven to increase your response rates. PLUS .. everyone shares in the promotion of other DUI Hotline attorneys from across the country.


Each time customers or prospects see or hear your phone number, your business brand is reinforced. Tap into word-of-mouth marketing power by giving your satisfied customers an easy-to-remember vanity number to pass along to their friends.



Because it creates instant recall, 888-DUI-HOTLine will keep your prospects away from directories where they may find your competition before they find you.

888-DUI-HOTLine provides you:
  1. The most memorable, convenient, and available phone number in DUI Law;
  2. A listing on www.888duihotline.com  In fact Google “dui hotline” to get an idea of our web presence;
  3. An exclusive calling area – you are 1-888-DUI-HOTLine in your market;
  4. Complete control over your own campaign – no advertising minimums;
  5. Affordable! For a limited time reserve an area code for only $199/mth!  (plus 7 cents/minutes).  And your monthly fee is guaranteed for 5 years.  (***Hurry Limited time Only!)
Questions? Interested?  Email me now, or call me direct   1-855-285-LEAD / 1-855-288-5323
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